First Aid and CPR

 To ensure the safety and well-being of all girls, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio requires troops to be accompanied by someone currently certified in Adult/Child CPR and Standard First Aid for any activity or trip beyond their regular meeting site, any physically demanding activity and all overnight trips. If a registered adult with the troop is a nurse (RN/LPN), a certified emergency medical technician or a doctor, they can serve as the troop’s “First Aider,” otherwise a troop leader or other registered adult with the troop will need to become certified.
Troop leaders are asked to maintain up to date records of FA/CPR certification for their troop. Certification does not need to be submitted to the Council office unless requested.
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio makes use of the already existing opportunities in the community for troop leaders to become certified in FA/CPR. Many local fire departments, state highway patrol posts, and some churches or schools offer certification to community members.
The American Red Cross and the American Heart Association are national organizations that provide First Aid/CPR certification. Contact your community engagement manager for other opportunities in your area.
American Red Cross,
American Heart Association,
American Safety and Health Institute,