Girls Ages 11-17

Girls ages 11-17 (sixth through 12 grades) are becoming responsible, independent young women. As their troop leader, you will become more of an advisor than a true leader, helping the girls in your troop/group to lead themselves. This training focuses on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, age characteristics of girls ages 11-17, and how to use girl/adult planning, as well as offering guidance on troop/group government, behavior management and ways to increase retention of older girls with busy schedules. You will also review Girl Scout Journeys, resources, be introduced to the Silver and Gold Awards as well as other unique opportunities available to this age group.
Who can take this course:  Grade level training is designed and required for all Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scout leaders  and co-leaders (direct primary). It is beneficial to complete training within the first three months after appointment.

Cost: There is no fee for this course. 

This training is offered through  a variety of methods so that volunteers can choose the option that best meets their needs.

This traditional style of training is led by volunteer council trainers at various locations throughout the council’s geographic area. The benefits to this type of training include being able to discuss the content with other volunteers, share your own ideas and experiences, and receive feedback from the other participants and the trainer. 

Home study courses are written training manuals.  You can receive a home study packet from your regional Girl Scout Center or service unit. Once you have completed reading through the material, you complete the home study exam and course evaluation in the back of the packet. Before credit can be received, the exam and course evaluation must be submitted online (link to online submission form) or to your regional Girl Scout Center by mail or fax.  

​Instructions for completing the home study course:
  1. Download & review the Girls Age 11-17 Home Study course​
  2. Complete the Check the Knowledge sheet to keep for your records
  3. Review your answers with the answer key

A quick and convenient training that partners a home study or online training with the valuable experience of meeting with a facilitator. Participants must review the appropriate home study workbook prior to attending a scheduled blended learning session. See the training schedule for each type of training to find a list of the blended learning training dates.

​Instructions for completing the home study course: