Volunteer Recognition

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio recognizes its volunteers as its most valuable asset. The purpose of recognition is to facilitate, acknowledge, credit or celebrate the achievements of volunteers. Awards are available to recognize an individual’s contributions to Girl Scouts both from Girl Scouts of the USA and Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.
All regions follow the Girl Scouts of the USA adult recognition awards procedures. It is also encouraged that each service unit implements a form of volunteer recognition, ensuring that leaders, service team volunteers and administrative volunteers are appropriately thanked for their contribution to the organization.

Volunteer Appreciation Week
Volunteer Appreciation Week—the third week in April—is set aside especially for you. Girl Scouts pay tribute to the volunteers who help girls make the world a better place. The week centers on the long-standing National Girl Scout Leaders’ Day (April 22), but expands the definition of volunteers beyond troop leaders, to include all the volunteers who work in so many ways on behalf of girls in Girl Scouting. 

Girl Scouts also celebrates Volunteers Make a Difference Week, in conjunction with Make a Difference Day, which is the weekend we set our clocks back in the fall. 

Volunteer Evaluation 
Volunteers have the opportunity to evaluate their performance through self-assessment tools and/or discussions with their service unit chair and other support volunteers and staff. This support includes coaching, tools, and resources to assist volunteers in assessing strengths and growth areas. Service unit chairs will ensure reappointment of qualified Girl Scout Leaders, in part through discussion and self-evaluation by the Girl Scout Leader. Utilizing these various support methods is also considered part of the agreement for volunteer appointment/re-appointment. The decision to re-appoint is based on this assessment, volunteer interest, and a joint assessment of suitability for the position in the future.
The council reserves the right to decline to reappoint a volunteer if in the judgment of the CEO, the director of regional services or a designee the volunteer is not suitable for the position