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Girl Scout Activity Insurance

A portion of the individual annual membership dues pays for supplementary insurance for the member only. This insurance provides up to a specified maximum for medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident while a member is participating in an approved, supervised Girl Scout activity, after the individual’s primary insurance pays out. Non-registered parents, tagalongs (brothers, sisters, friends), and other persons are not covered by basic coverage. This is one reason all adults and girls should be registered members.

This insurance coverage is not intended to diminish the need for or replace family health insurance. And it does not duplicate medical-expense benefits collected under other programs, so after approximately $100 in benefits have been paid under this plan, the family’s medical insurance takes over. If there is no family insurance or healthcare program, a specified maximum of medical benefits is available. 

An optional plan of activity insurance is available for Girl Scouts taking extended trips and for non-members who participate in Girl Scout activities. These plans are secondary insurance that individuals are entitled to receive while participating in any approved, supervised Girl Scout activity. Optional insurance coverage is available for any Girl Scout activity that involves non-Girl Scouts or lasts longer than three days and two nights. 

Requesting Additional Insurance
A Request for Additional Insurance Form must be completed and submitted to the Finance Department in Cincinnati at least 4 weeks prior to the event date. This form must be accompanied by a check payable to United of Omaha for the amount owed for the additional insurance. There is a $5 minimum. Incomplete forms, forms without checks attached, and checks less than $5.00 will not be accepted.
The Request for the Purchase of Additional Insurance Form is available on the council website under Volunteer Resources/Forms, or directly at http://www.girlscoutsofwesternohio.org/volunteer-resources/Health%20and%20Safety/1001272-002%20Request%20For%20Purchase%20Of%20Additional%20Insurance.pdf.  Mailing instructions are on the form.
Summary of Girl Scout Insurance
A printed brochure from United of Omaha with a complete description of all the features of each insurance option is available online and from the Girl Scout Center. The information provided below is designed to be a summary of highlights only.

Plan 1 Girl Scout Activity Accident Insurance Basic Coverage
  • Provided to every registered girl and adult.
  • Effective when registration materials are received at the Girl Scout Center.
  • Covers Girl Scout activities lasting two (2) nights or less or not more than three (3) nights if over an official federal holiday, or three days.
  • Pays the first $130 of medical bills related to an accident, then becomes secondary to any other insurance coverage the individual may have.
  • Pays up to $15,000 of bills incurred over a 52-week period after the accident that are not covered by any other insurance the individual may have. No charge - included as part of your Girl Scouts of the USA $12.00 registration fee

Plan 2 Accident Insurance- $ .11/day /participant
  • Same features as Plan 1.
  • Used for registered girls and adults when activity length exceeds two (2) nights (three nights over a federal holiday), or three days.
  • Used for non-registered participants in a Girl Scout activity.

Plan 3E Accident & Sickness Insurance for Extended Events -$ .29/day
  • Adds $10,000 of Sickness Medical Expense Benefit and $1,500 of Returned Transportation Benefit to Plan 1.
  • Will not pay more than 100% of total medical expenses incurred in conjunction with any other insurance the participant may have (Non-Duplication Provision).

Plan 3P Accident & Sickness Insurance for Extended Events -$ .67/day/participant
  • Same as Plan 3E without the non-duplication provision.
    • Therefore, the insurance pays without regard to what other insurance might be paying.
Plan 3PI - Accident and Sickness Insurance for Extended International Trips or Event  (lasting more than two nights) - $1.17/day/participant
  • Same as Plan 3P for International Trips
  • Provides travel assistance up to $5000


More information on the Girl Scout Accident Insurance Plan can be found at the Mutual of Omaha website: