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Behavior Management Guidelines

The Girl Scout philosophy of behavior management builds on a child’s need to develop a sense of self-worth. In order to promote this, the program has been carefully planned to foster positive behavior. To accomplish this please ensure that:
  • Children are involved in rule setting and help determine the consequences of misbehavior.
  • Whenever possible, the site and activities are set up to promote positive interaction among children.
  • Volunteers encourage children to learn how to solve problems and settle differences among themselves.
  • All disciplinary efforts are based on this philosophy. When a child’s behavior creates a risk for the emotional or physical health and safety of another child or a volunteer, the following procedures shall be followed:
    -The child is separated from the problem activity or situation.
    -A volunteer listens to the child and discusses the consequences of further misbehavior.
    -Repeated misbehavior will be handled by a telephone conversation or conference with the child’s parents/guardians.
  • The parent, child and a volunteer agree to a plan that will improve behavior or face the possibility of termination from the program.
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will assist in the proper handling of behavior management if it can not be resolved through the actions taken above. It is our goal to ensure all girls have the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.