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Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

Council Chair:  Jody Wainscott
Council CEO:    Roni Luckenbill
Administrative Headquarters
4930 Cornell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242-1804
T: 1-800-537-6241  or 513-489-1025
F: 513-489-1417 

Council Facts:
  • Serves approximately 50,000 or 1 in 7 girls in our council geography 
  • Nearly 14,000 adult volunteers
  • Covers a 13,559 square mile area.
  • Serves a 32 county area in western Ohio and southeastern Indiana.
  • Made up of 101 service units. The primary method of delivery of the Girl Scout program is the troop. Many girls also attend short-term sessions, camp and travel destinations.

Council Communication Information
Council Website:   www.girlscoutsofwesternohio.org  
Council General EMail Contact:  council@girlscoutsofwesternohio.org  
Write Out Loud! A blog by Girls for Girls:       http://girlscoutsofwesternohiochatterbox.wordpress.com/

E-mailing the Girl Scout Center
Messages received in the general site (council@girlscoutsofwesternohio.org) will be forwarded to appropriate staff member each business day.

The sender may also forward electronic messages directly to council paid staff by using the person’s first and last name (no spaces), then the @ symbol and girlscoutsofwesternohio.org. For example, if a person wanted to send an email message to Roni Luckenbill, the address would be roniluckenbill@girlscoutsofwesternohio.org.  A list of staff and their email addresses are available on the council website.

Calling the Girl Scout Service Centers
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s paid staff uses a voice mail system to quickly and efficiently handle calls by allowing callers to leave detailed voice messages when it is convenient, any time day or night. During regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday), a customer service staff member will answer the phone .  A partially-automated attendant is utilized in most regional offices to assist with peak calling time overflow. Because Girl Scouts of Western Ohio strives to give personal service, you can always talk to the receptionist during office hours.

After regular business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday - Friday), an automated attendant answers the phone. If the caller knows the extension or mailbox number of the person for whom she/he would like to leave a message, she/he may dial that number. If the caller does not know the mailbox number, they have two options in leaving a message:
  • The caller may use the company directory, prompted by the recording, to access a staff member’s extension; 
  • The caller may leave a message in the general mailbox. Each morning the receptionist forwards these calls to the appropriate staff person.