Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is provided to individual applicants, based on specific financial need and the applicant’s compliance with the financial assistance philosophy.

Girl Scout events and activities will result from realistic girl-adult planning that allows Girl Scouts adequate time to prepare troop or group money-earning projects that will support the girls’ choice of activities. Financial assistance is granted to individual applicants who have a specific and distinct financial need.

All applicants are to contribute some portion to the activity cost.

Financial Assistance Guidelines
  1. Applicant must be currently registered with Girl Scouts of the USA
  2. Requests are to be on current forms.
  3. Financial assistance is available on an individual basis. Troops/groups are not eligible for financial assistance. 
  4. Individual girls may request financial assistance for the following opportunities: council-sponsored opportunities, summer camp opportunities, Destinations/getaways, troop trips.
  5. Financial assistance applications should indicate that the request is based on the financial need of the individual applicant.
  6. Requests should indicate that the applicant has participated in realistic event planning and money-earning with other troop/group members over a period of time based on the guidelines found in the Girl Scout grade level handbooks.
  7. Adults are eligible to apply for financial assistance for troop activities and council sponsored adult education opportunities ONLY when the participation of that adult is required to ensure that Safety Activity Checkpoints are fulfilled. 
  8. If most or all members of a troop must request financial assistance to participate in a troop activity, it may be an indication that further troop planning is needed. If a troop does not meet its financial goals, adjustments should be made to the activities themselves or the projected timetable.
  9. Forms must have complete information in order to be reviewed. Incomplete forms will be returned.
Girl Scout leaders must review financial assistance philosophy and guidelines with parents/guardians and encourage parents/guardians to submit the request form directly to the regional Girl Scout Center or online.

Financial Assistance Procedures
Girl Scout leader Instructions:
  • If individual girls within a troop wish to apply for financial assistance for a program opportunity, the leader will:
  • Ensure that the financial assistance philosophy and guidelines are followed.
  • Ensure that parent/guardian and troop sections are filled out entirely, including parent/guardian signature.
  • Turn in completed application form to the appropriate regional Girl Scout Center. Forms must be received one month prior to the date of the event/activity except for activities with a budget over $200/person which must be turned in three months prior to the event. 

Parent/Guardian Instructions:
  • Review financial assistance philosophy and guidelines. 

For a troop/group activity, complete the required sections and return to the Girl Scout leader; the leader must complete the Girl Scout leader section of the Financial Assistance Request Form. For girls who are either registered as individual members or requesting assistance for a non-troop activity, the parent/guardian must complete the parent/guardian sections of the form including a parent signature and mail the form directly to the regional Girl Scout Center.

Notification of Financial Assistance Status:
Girl Scout leaders and/or parent/guardians will be notified of the financial assistance amount received or any questions or concerns within three weeks of their receipt at the regional Girl Scout center. 

Notification letters will indicate:
  • Problems/concerns that must be addressed before further action can be taken.
  • Action taken regarding financial assistance.
  • Other individuals receiving a copy of the letter.
Financial Assistance will be made through an electronic transfer fo funds whenever poissible, including:
  • To the troop checking account for all troop activities.
  • Directly to the appropriate department for all Girl Scouts of the USA, Destinations, or Girl Scouts of Western Ohio activities.