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Product Sales Chairs

Thank you for accepting a product sales consultant position within your service unit.  This page is your resource guide for your role as a product sales consultant.  On this page, you will find valuable information about your primary responsibilities. You are a key resource to Girl Scout troop product sale managers in your service unit. You will provide the leadership and management of product sales within an assigned geographic unit and ensure all girls in the service unit have an opportunity to grow in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience as a result of their participation in the sale.  

Take a closer look at the roles of these positions by reviewing the position descriptions:

Role of the product sales consultant:
  • Be a registered Girl Scout for the current membership year.
  • Have completed a criminal background check as detailed in the Service Unit Product Sale Consultant Job Description.  (This is completed at no cost to you.)
  • Attend the required training to function within the framework of the policies, standards, procedures, goals, and operating procedures of the product sale program.
  • Hold at least 1 in person training(s) for troop product sale managers. 
  • Interpret and promote Girl Scout product sales as a valuable program activity for girls, and one which also provides important funding.
  • Receive and distribute troop materials to eligible troop product sales managers in exchange for a completed Troop Product Sales Manager Agreement Form.
  • Ensure that each troop sale manager adheres to the product sales procedures and established timelines.
  • Assist troop product sales managers and leaders with problem solving.
  • Attend service unit team and leader meetings to be informed and up to date and inform others of sale details and progress. 
  • Receive, reconcile, and summarize troop paperwork. Submit all forms and appropriate reports to the regional Girl Scout Center by the deadline; follow up with troops that are delinquent.
  • Accept delivery of and distribute recognitions to the troop product sale managers within 2 weeks of receiving.

The following resources will help you in the support of leaders and the service unit: