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Service Unit Recruitment Chairs

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring girls in your community have the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.  As the recruitment chair, you play a critical role in ensuring that new girls and adults are aware of their opportunities to participate in Girl Scouting.

As the recruitment chair, you will manage a team of school, series and community coordinators to:
  • Develop a year-round recruitment plan that will meet the membership goals of your service unit.
  • Identify potential sources of Girl Scout girl and adult members
  • Support the service unit team in achieving overall goals

Here are some helpful resources in your role as recruitment chair

  • Coordinators:  In your role as a recruitment chair, it’s important to form a team that can facilitate recruitment events.  Good candidates for the coordinator roles are current and former troop leaders, former Girl Scout Gold Award recipients and other service unit team members. 
  • Marketing Recruitment Events:  We recommend using a minimum of seven vehicles to market your recruitment event.  There are many ways to market your event, including social media, posters, fliers, bracelets, yard signs, video announcements and PTA/O announcements—the ways to market your event are endless.  If you’re interested in ordering Girl Scout fliers or bracelets, please use the appropriate form below and send to your recruitment manager. 
  • Facilitating Recruitment Events:  Use these resources (Facilitating a Recruitment Event and Recruitment Event Activities) for advice on how to facilitate your recruitment event.  We’ve also included some links to activities you can use for any girls who attend the event with their parents.
  • Membership Campaigns:  Recruitment of new members to Girl Scouts can happen at any time throughout the year.  We will announce new campaigns throughout the year.  The membership calendar has all the information you’ll need about what is the current recruitment campaign.


Click on the links below to find resources and tools to assist you in your efforts to recruit girls and adults.​

 Recruitment Tools & Resources