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Service Unit Formal and Informal Recognitions

Informal Recognitions at a Service Unit Level

One of the most meaningful forms of recognition comes from a volunteer's peers and  from the parents of girls in the troop.   Informal rewards are the day-to-day ways to say “thank you” to volunteers—they are intangible benefits and heartfelt displays of recognition. These sincere expressions of appreciation are based on specific contributions and are given in a timely manner by peers and parents. Informal recognition is powerful and effective, because volunteers feel valued by a personal touch.  Examples of meaningful informal rewards include:

  • ​A welcome or thank you card or letter
  • A recommendation for a volunteer position
  • Complimenting a volunteer’s work to their manager or other volunteers (in the volunteer’s presence)


 It is recommended that at minimum, once a year, a service unit thank volunteers for their work with girls.  This thank-you may be in the form of a dinner or it could be a special ceremony at a service unit meeting. Girl Scouts of Western Ohio has resources that service units may use to provide both formal and informal recognitions to volunteers. 

 Service Unit Recognition Guide.pdf



To thank your service unit volunteers in a meaningful way, we have created a Service Unit Recognition Kit!  This kit makes it easier for service units to plan their own special recognition in a personalized, meaningful way.  Below are changeable Word documents that can help you through every step of the process --from starting your Recognitions Committee to a sample event agenda. These documents have been created for you to give it a personal touch.
Getting Started - Getting Started.docx
  •  Invitation to form a Recognition Committee
  • Sign Up Recognition Committee Roster
  • Steps to Planning a Recognition Event and Task List 
  • Event Budget Worksheet
Event Resources:


Event Invitation - Service Unit Recognition Kit Invitation 2011.doc

Agenda/Program AgendaProgram.doc

Event Script and Evaluation  ​