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GSUSA and Council Awards

Unlike informal recognition which should be done often and for a variety of reasons, GSUSA and Council awards are formal recognitions awarded annually for volunteers’ exemplary action promoting the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and impacting girls in the organization. 
Nominating a Girl Scout volunteer for a GSUSA and/or Council award requires one or more people knowledgeable about the volunteer’s efforts to complete a nomination. All nominations include the nomination form itself and any items requested in the guidelines of the award. Please read the guidelines carefully and contact your regional Girl Scout Center if you have any questions before completing a nomination. All nominations are reviewed and recommended for council approval by a volunteer selections committee.
Nomination endorsements can be completed via the questionnaire or by endorsement letter. The questionnaires are available below and a tutorial is available to assist with writing successful endorsement letters. (See specific award guidelines regarding number of endorsements required.) 
Not sure which award is the right award to nominate a deserving volunteer for? Use this Volunteer Appreciation Nomination Chart to help you find the right award for the work that they have done.
All award nominations must be submitted, in their entirety, to regional
Girl Scout Centers by February 1.


The following is a list of awards that are awarded to Girl Scouts in councils around the country.


GSUSA Volunteer of Excellence Award

The Volunteer of Excellence award recognizes those volunteers who have contributed outstanding service while partnering directly with girls in any pathway to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through use of the national program portfolio or who have contributed outstanding service in support of the council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members.

Volunteer of Excellence Guidelines


Volunteer of Excellence Award Nomination Form

  Volunteer of Excellence Nomination Form

Volunteer of Excellence Questionnaire

  GSUSA Appreciation Pin   


 The Appreciation Pin is awarded to volunteers who have given outstanding service to at least one service unit.
The Honor Pin is awarded to volunteers who have given outstanding service to two or more service units or program delivery audiences.  


GSUSA Thanks Badge 
The Thanks Badge is awarded to volunteers who are actively giving service that is truly outstanding and impacts the council or entire Girl Scout movement.

GSUSA Thanks Badge II    
 The Thanks Badge II is awarded to volunteers who, after previously receiving the Thanks Badge, continue to give outstanding service that benefits or the Girl Scout movement.  (This is the only award that has a prerequisite; nominees must have already received the Thanks Badge previously.)
GSUSA President's Award  
The President’s Award is awarded to service unit teams who have assisted their assigned areas in successfully achieving Council Goals during a membership year.
The following are awards specific to Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.
Service Team Star Award
The Service Team Star Award is awarded to volunteers who are currently members of a service unit team, or appointed as an administrative volunteer, who has helped a service unit achieve one of the essential responsibilities of a service unit as outlined on the nomination form.
Green Badge of Courage  
 The Green Badge of Courage is awarded to volunteers who have performed a courageous act or met a challenge in a creative way within their role as a Girl Scout volunteer.