Designing for Leadership Calendar and Key Dates



Phase I - Research (Fall 2012 - January 2013)

  • Compile, analyze, and identify key findings from existing data (internal and external)
  • Customer Research - survey, discssions, interviews with a diverse representation of current and likely potential volunteers


Phase II - Analyze/Focus (February/March 2013)- work with volunteer team to:

  • identify key factors in effective volunteer support
  • develop models for volunteer service delivery team/positions
  • recommend effective communication methods


Phase III - Design/Test (March-May 2013)

  • Test and get feedback on recommended models from all segments of our volunteer/potential volunteer base
  • Present final recommendations to staff and volunteers


Phase IV - Roll Out (June - August 2013)

  • Use recommendations to revise service team and service delivery team plans and the council plan of work
  • Consider implications for changes in staff structure to support revised volunteer structure