New Model of Support


More Leadership Opportunities for More Girls- A New Model for Support
We are just completing our meetings with service unit volunteers, to introduce the new ways of delivering services, including changes in staffing, the service team, technology and options for how girls and volunteers can participate.  We have been excited to see the positive responses and readiness to get started by service team members.  See the comments on the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Facebook site.
At the meetings we shared information about what we learned from volunteers, parents, girls and community members about how we can do a better job in providing more leadership opportunities for more girls.  Using the information we gathered, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio has redesigned the way that we provide services, to:
  • Improve our customer service, 
  • Streamline access to information and resources, 
  • Provide more flexibility and more options for volunteers, parents and girls to get involved in Girl Scouts.


If you did not have the opportunity to attend one of the regional meetings, please take a look at the following documents to learn more about what’s new.  Please click on the document name to download the document

Designing for Leadership Volunteer Presentation - June 2013

Designing for Leadership Volunteer Presentation - June 2013 (with notes pages)

What's New? Designing for Leadership Summary

Administrative Volunteers - New Structure Chart

Service Team Positions - Description Summary

Regional Staff Structure Charts (staff who directly support volunteers and girls)



Are you interested in a service team position or in continuing as a service team member?  There are five core service team positions and areas of work.  Each chair works with a committee who can divide up the responsibilities and tasks in a way that works for their service unit.  Please contact your service team chair (manager) to find out more about the positions in your service unit. 
For more information on the core service team positions and committees, please review the documents below:

Service Unit Chair and Committee



If you are interested in learning about or continuing in a position, please complete and submit the online Service Unit Position Intent Form and a staff member will contact you within seven days to discuss the position further. 
Service Unit Chairs – Please work with your service team to complete and submit the online Service Unit Personnel Chart by July 8th.  Community Engagement Managers or other designated staff members will be in contact with service team chairs, to ensure that service units:
  1. Are on track in completing their Service Team Rosters. 
  2. Have a plan to communicate about the new structure with service unit volunteers.

Volunteers may also contact your service unit contact person, if you have any questions about the positions or the process.