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Lima Volunteer Opportunities

Safety of girls and volunteers is paramount to Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.  Volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application including references and a background check.  They may also (depending on their role) be required to attend/complete training. Girl Scouts is a membership organization.  All volunteers and girls are required to become members.  Membership is $15 per year and is the responsibility of the volunteer.


Series Volunteers
This short term opportunity runs for six to eight weeks where you are partnered with another volunteer and meet with girls for an hour to an hour and a half, twice a week. We have user friendly curriculum that delve into a variety of topics, ranging from recycling to bullying.


Gold Award Committee Members

Volunteers are needed to help guide and mentor high school girls through the process requirements of earning the highest award for girls, Girl Scout Gold Award.  You will have the opportunity to hear and approve the Girl Scout Gold Award project proposals and mentor individual girls.  Training on the Girl Scout Gold Award requirements is provided.  Monthly committee meetings (2 hours) and occasioanl meetings with girls you are mentoring through the process.


Girl Scout Center Volunteers

Do you like to be behind the scenes?  Regional Girl Scout Centers welcome volunteers to fulfill various roles in the office environment.  Some roles include taking inventory of and replenishing program kits used to direct delivery services to girls in the community or pack supplies for adult learning experiences, data entry and preparing recruitment materials.  Flexible hours M-F, 8:30a-5:30p


Camp/Outdoor Advocate

Do you remember that feeling when you just could not wait for…CAMP? We love that feeling too. Camp and outdoor program advocates are needed to promote outdoor opportunities to girls and girl caregivers.  Share your memories and the love of the out-of-doors.  Resources are provided.   Weekday evenings, weekends.


Event Volunteer

Join us today and help lead a one-time, stand-alone program opportunities for girls.  Training and materials will be provided.  Experience working with children is a plus.  Two hour preparation for three hour event.


Adult Enrichment Facilitator

I can’t wait to teach other volunteers!  Be trained to facilitate adult enrichment opportunities such our team building program InVenture and workshops on a variety of topics for Girl Scout leaders.  Flexible hours, weekday evenings, weekends.


Girl Scout Leader/Assistant Leader

In partnership with girls, serve as a member of a troop/group leadership team.  Empower girls to lead activities, learn by doing and cooperate with others.  Meet with the girls on an agreed upon regular basis and involve them in program level activities based on the National Program Portfolio.  Training, resources and support provided.  Experience working with children a plus.  Flexible hours, typically after school or early evenings, one-two times a month.