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Invite A Friend



As a Girl Scout volunteer, you introduce girls to new and fun experiences every day. You’re a cheerleader, guide, and mentor, showing girls that they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. 
Why not invite your friends to volunteers as well?
This February, invite a friend to start a new Girl Scout Daisy, Brownie, or Junior troop!  Not only will they get to enjoy new experiences with their troop, but you can get some goodies as well!
Double the friends, double your prize…
$100 for you and a Girls Guide, Journey set, and Badge Activity set for each volunteer that starts a new troop.  This can be a traditional troop or a short-term series.
Once your friend joins as a Girl Scout troop leader, completes the volunteer application, and starts a new Girl Scout troop, you can claim your prize here.

Already recruited your volunteer?

  1. Confirm your recruited volunteer has completed their volunteer application, background and membership
  2. Confirm your recruited volunteer is going to start a new group/troop
  3. Already recruited your volunteer?  Claim your prize here


Volunteer Invite a Friend Q&A
What do Girl Scouts need more than Thin Mints?  MORE TROOP LEADERS!!!!  Through the Volunteer Invite-A-Friend Promotion, we look forward to motivating and supporting you as you recruit one or more volunteers who are ready to accept the challenge of being kindergarten to fifth grade troop leaders. 

Once you share all of your amazing Girl Scout experiences, your friend will appreciate your support as he or she works to create an exciting Girl Scout journey.

Read on to get answers to all of your questions about the Volunteer Invite-A-Friend Offer.

The Recruitment

Who is eligible to recruit new volunteers through the Volunteer Invite-A-Friend Promotion?  All currently registered adult volunteers, including troop leaders (01), assistant troop leaders (02), service team members, and adult learning facilitators are eligible to recruit new volunteers and receive the $50 gift code.  We ask that all volunteers who are recruiting be eligible volunteers (i.e., background, application, training and financial report completed, depending on their position)

Who is eligible for recruitment through the Volunteer Invite-A-Friend Offer?
We are looking for any enthusiastic adults who would be great cheerleaders, guides, and mentors to help our kindergarten to fifth grade Girl Scouts build courage, confidence, and character. 

This offer focuses on successfully inviting adults to become registered troop leaders (01) for new kindergarten to fifth grade troops.  Those who are currently involved in the volunteer approval process are not eligible for the Volunteer-Invite-a-Friend Promotion.


If a parent is already a registered volunteer, will we be eligible for the offer if they become an 01?
If a parent is a registered volunteer, but has not completed the volunteer application process to become a new troop leader (01) then they are eligible for the offer if they start a new K-5 troop. 
Are current volunteers who serve as assistant troop leaders (02) and upgrade to a troop leader (01) eligible for the offer?
No.  Because our goal is to increase the number of girls we are able to serve, upgrading to a troop leader (01) would not qualify.
Can former leaders return through this offer?
Leaders from previous membership years who are not current leaders may be recruited through the Invite-a-Friend offer.  They will earn the free resources and the recruiter will earn the $50 gift code.
How many leaders can I recruit?
As many as you’d like!  But, we will only provide an incentive for up to two leaders recruited (maximum $100 to spend in the online store)
The Offer

What will I receive for participating in the Invite-a-Friend?
Through this offer, the recruiter (current volunteer) will receive a $50 gift code to use on anything you choose at the GSUSA National Online Store.   This code cannot be used in our local shops.  The code does not cover taxes nor shipping and handling .


How will I get my $50 promotional code?
Your unique $50 code will be emailed to you once we confirm that the recruited volunteer has completed their membership registration and application.
Do I have to use the $50 code all at once?
What will the new volunteer receive?
A resource pack including a Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting, Adult Journey Guide, Girl Journey Book, and Badge Set will be shipped directly to the new volunteer in early March.  


How do I submit information once I’ve recruited someone?
Visit www.girlscouts.org/inviteafriend to enter in your information

When will this offer end?
This offer will run through February 28.  The required steps for new volunteer appointment (application, background check, GSUSA membership) must be completed by February 28.

Why are we participating in this offer?
We have teamed up with GSUSA to test whether offering incentives encourages volunteerism.  Because GSUSA is fulfilling the discount codes and resource packs, our council has nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  Imagine how many more girls we could serve with 100, 200, or even 500 additional troop leaders and assistant troop leaders!  For every new troop leader (01) you recruit to start a new K-5 troop, a troop is able to engage and serve more girls. 


Volunteer Approval Process
What is required of a troop leader (01 or 02) Volunteer Position? 
New troop leaders are required to complete a Volunteer Application and register to become a member.   All new troop leaders are also required to complete their Girl Scout training and Age Level training within 6 months of appointment.
How do interested adults start the volunteer approval process? Interested adults should begin by completing the online application.
When will the new volunteers be trained? 
Volunteers can complete Girl Scouting online and have six months to do so. 
Will the volunteer approval process have to be completed for me to get my $50 gift code?
The steps of the volunteer process (application, background check and membership) must be completed by February 28th.