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Girl Scout Pathways


Girl Scout Pathways are the ways that girls and adults participate in Girl Scouting. 
With today’s busy girls in mind, Girl Scouts offers flexibility through several pathways to participation. Each girl can choose the Girl Scout Pathway(s) that best fit(s) her lifestyle: Girls can choose any one, all or some of these pathways within a single year. 

Troop. Girls meet regularly and partner with adults to share amazing experiences and make a difference in their community and the world; typically spans the length of a school year.

Series. Girls participate in a series of program activities with the same group of girls relating to a specific theme or purpose for six to eight meetings.

Camp. Explore the outdoors, new habitats and build unique skills at day or resident camps during the summer, and complement that with weekend camping trips any time throughout the year. 

Travel. Girls plan, earn money, prepare, and participate in regional, national and international trips. 

Events. Girls participate in one-time events individually, such as Girl Scouts of Western Ohio’s CSA (Cadette, Senior and Ambassador) Leadership Conference.

Pathways are also a great way to volunteer with Girl Scouts. You can choose the Pathway that best utilizes your experience, expertise, skills, interests and time. Work with girls directly through any of the six Pathways and participate in a way that inspires you. Check out our volunteer opportunities.