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 Community Markets Community Cash

Support Girl Scouts with COMMUNITY CASH! 

Community Markets
Great Scot Markets
Fulmer Community Markets
Girl Scout families and friends can earning rebates for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio from something we do all the time—grocery shopping!

Here’s How It Works
Girl Scout families, volunteers and friends save shopping receipts from any Community Markets, Great Scot Markets or Fulmer Community Markets store.

The “original” valid receipts (we cannot accept copies) are turned in through your service unit or can be dropped off at the Girl Scout Center.

Once we have collected receipts totaling $2,000 in “community cash or COM$TL” sales, they will be processed for redemption.

The “COM$TL” amount on the bottom of the receipt excludes all non-qualifying sales such as tobacco, alcohol products, purchased services and sales tax.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will receive a check within six to eight weeks.

Funds received from the Community Cash program will support the Family Partnership Campaign and will be added to council wide family partnership totals.

No sign up is necessary.

Fresh Encounters, Inc. “Community Cash” is a cash back program that has donated over $1,000,000 to local non-profit organizations, including schools.  Participating organizations save receipts from participating stores, and earn 1% cash back on qualifying purchases.
Shop, Save and Support Girl Scouts of Western Ohio!