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 The Girl Scout Way: Take Action Weekend

Service has been an important tradition in Girl Scouting since the very beginning.  Juliette Gordon Low was passionate about others and teaching girls to be helpful at all times. 


The Girl Scout Way:  Take Action weekend is a chance for all Girl Scouts to show their commitment to the community by planning and implementing projects to impact those around them. 


All Girl Scouts are encouraged to do some sort of service project during the weekend of October 10-12, 2014,  to honor Juliette Low’s legacy.  We’ll have girls and adults all over the council at the same time doing good deeds. 


What you need to do:

PLAN:  Talk to your group about what kind of project they would like to do.

  1. Who would they like to help?
  2. What need do they want to address?
  3. What community resources are available to help?
  4. All groups are encouraged to map their community, identify needs that exist, and then plan a project to address those needs.  Also, GSWO has organized a few projects around the council for you to participate in.  Check them out here!
  5. Need project ideas?  Look to this list for inspiration!  
  6. Planning checklist


 SCHEDULE:  Organize the details of the project with your group.

  1. Decide the logistics of the day and the project (time, location, what the girls will be doing, what supplies you’ll need, etc.)
  2. Coordinate with a community partner, if necessary.  This is a great way to plan a meaningful project!  Many times, organizations will already have projects that they need groups to help with.


REGISTER:  Let Girl Scouts know what you’re planning on doing so that we can  keep track of all the good we’re doing around the state. 




TAKE ACTION!  Girls take action alongside community members, joining forces to move forward towards lasting change.  


REFLECT AND CELEBRATE:  Girls reflect on their action and assess what they gained from it.  Then, they celebrate their community accomplishments.

Can’t participate on October 10-12?  Don’t worry! You can plan your project at any time throughout the year! 

Please contact your regional program & partnerships department if you have questions.