Little House - Toledo

The Little House in Toledo Ohio is rich in history due to its historical significance for Girl Scouts.  In 1914, the first Girl Scout troop comprised of 32 girls was formed in Toledo, and then in 1917 this troop became the first chartered council in the United States.  As time progressed there was a need for a center for Girl Scout activities so in 1929 there was a campaign to raise funds for this building.   In 1934, “Little House” was built and used until the girls outgrew the space.  It was sold in the 1950s.  At this time, a former carriage house on the Collingwood property was converted and became the Little House that we know of today.  
This building has a large meeting room, two bathrooms, and upstairs sleeping area space for 20 or can be utilized for activities.  The first floor is wheelchair accessible and also has a fully equipped kitchen, with stove, refrigerator, microwave and some utensils.