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Girl Scouting Works

Research illustrates the success of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Girl Scout alumnae as well as current Girl Scouts tell us that Girl Scouting works to build girls of courage, confidence and character who help make the world a better place. Yet it might be the girls themselves who best explain how they’ve grown and what they’ve learned. Below are “real-life” success stories as told by girls and adults, sharing their insight into how Girl Scouting has made a difference to them. Read on for some inspiring examples that help add context to our outcomes research. 


With Academics - Linking Leadership To Academic Success: The  Girl Scout Difference

                                             Local girls show success

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 With Social - Emotional Skills - What Girls Learn

 With Discover, Connect, Take Action - 2012-13 Program Effectiveness Survey results

 With Short and Long Term Benefits - How Girl Scouting Benefits Girls


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