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 Service Team Volunteers

The service team is made up of a group of administrative volunteer staff members, appointed annual to recruit, develop, and support Girl Scout leaders and other key volunteers in the delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls.  The service team is assigned to a specific geographic area, called a service unit.  Service units are a part of a large geographic area (grouping of two—seven service units) called a service unit circle.  The service unit circle provides consistent access to an extended network of Girl Scout opportunities and support for girls, volunteers and parents.

To become a Girl Scout service team volunteer, you must be:
  • At least 18 years old
  • Willing to become a member of Girl Scouts ($15 annual dues)
  • Willing to complete a volunteer application and criminal background check
  • Willing to complete training requirements
  • Willing to share your time and expertise to support girl and adult members
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will work with you to match your interests with the needs of girls and adult support within your community.  Service team positions are supported directly by dedicated staff members and will provide ongoing educational opportunities and support to ensure you have the tools and resources needed to help fulfill the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
Service Team positions include the following:
Support Girl Scout leaders and other key volunteers in your geographic area (service unit). In partnership with your service team, you will help to develop a plan to recruit and develop volunteers, meet membership and Family Partnership goals and help our girl members grow to become leaders through quality experiences and opportunities.
Provides opportunity for adult/volunteer networking, learning opportunities and support in understanding the Girl Scout Leadership Experience; provides supports problem solving and conflict management resolution with volunteers; coordinates assessment and planning and works in partnership with committee members and the community engagement manager.
Volunteer Committee Areas of Work:
Parent/Guardian Engagement
Communicates with and educates parents/guardians about Girl Scout events and the Girl Scout Leadership Experience; solicits parents/guardians for volunteer opportunities; implements the service unit family communication plan for parents/guardians. 
Family Partnership Coordinator
Works with the service team to plan and implement the family partnership plan; organize and implement at least one family partnership event for the service unit; shares with volunteers and families how the family partnership campaign benefits girls, the community and the service unit.
Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition
Provides support and understand of adult recognitions and meaningful volunteer recognition to all pathways supported by the service unit; provide support in knowledge of formalized awards and the nomination process; educates parents, volunteers and the community regarding the importance and methods of meaningful recognition.
Manages both internal and external service unit communications ensuring efficient and effective communication; develops positive relationships with the service team, service unit volunteers and local media; enhances the image of Girl Scouting in the community; works in partnership with the communication manager.
Identifies needs and coordinates learning and networking opportunities for leaders and volunteers within the service unit; ensures progressive opportunities are offered to girls in all pathways; appoints and managers committee members to meet the needs of the service unit.
Volunteer Committee Work Areas:
Girl Scout Leadership Experience Coach
Provides program resources and support to volunteers; facilitates opportunities for group and individual networking in the service unit. Participates in assessment and recommended learning opportunities as needed.
Adult Development Coordinator (Service Unit Circle position)
Acts as a liaison between the service unit and the service unit circle to ensure new volunteers are being welcomed and supported, including communicating learning workshops, required trainings and adult events; coordinates adult learning opportunities for the service unit and service unit circle.

Girl-Led Events Coordinator (Service Unit Circle position)
Acts as liaison between the service unit and the service unit circle ensuring quality and relevant girl-led events are being offered;  communicates service unit circle  news to the service team and service unit; serves (as needed) as advisor for girl-led service unit circle events.
Day Camp Director (Service Unit Circle position)
Develops, administers and maintains the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in a day camp setting including recruiting, supervising, training and supporting volunteers.
Works with team members to ensure girls and adults are registered and troops are compliant with the volunteer application process, training requirements and financial reports; educates volunteers and encourages the use of eBiz (online registration program); ensures girls and adults are placed.
Volunteer Committee Work Areas:
Compliance Communication
Works closely with service team (particularly the product sales chair) ensuring troop eligibility due to completion of volunteer application and required trainings and New Volunteer Orientation; ensures troops eligibility to participate in product sales.
Service Unit Treasurer
Ensures service unit and troops are compliant with financial policies; assists troops with opening bank accounts and the troop finance report form; manages the service unit bank account.
Works with a team of volunteers to recruit girls and adults; manages a year-round recruitment plan; identifies potential sources of new girl and adult members; participates in problem solving and decision making.
Volunteer Committee Work Areas:
Community/School Coordinator
Extends Girl Scouting to all girls by planning, marketing and implementing recruitment events at schools, places of worship, community centers and so forth; implements the placement process for new girls and adults; ensures new leaders are compliant with council policies; works collaboratively with the data coordinator to ensure new member information is up-to-date.
Community/Troop Coordinators (Service Unit Circle position)
Extends Girl Scouting to girls in the community by providing girls a yearlong troop experience; helps to plan and manage community troop logistics; recruits volunteers to facilitate rotating topics based on girl’s needs and interests.
Series Coordinator (Service Unit Circle position)
Extends Girl Scouting to girls in the community through a short-term (6–8 week) troop experience; helps to plan and manage troop offerings for the service unit and service unit circle.
Works closely with the fall product and cookie sale coordinator to ensure a successful fall product and cookie sale by supporting and training leaders on procedures and timelines; assists with problem solving.
Volunteer Committee Work Areas:
Fall Product Coordinator
Partners with the product sale chair to ensure a successful fall sale for girls by accepting delivery of and distributing recognitions for girls; receives and reconcile troop paperwork; supports troop sale managers with procedures and timelines.
Cookie Sale Coordinator
Partners with the product sales to ensure girls have a successful cookie sale by supporting troops with procedures and timelines; distributes recognitions for girls; receives and reconciles paperwork.