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Important Dates

Prior to Oct. 10—Troop managers and Leaders meet with your girls and parents/guardians:
  • Explain the Fall Product Sale and Me2.
  • Go over deadlines and start dates of the sale for your region.
  • Set goals and have each parent sign a parent permission slip. If girls parents are separated, have each    parent/guardian complete a permission slip and give separate order cards.
Oct. 10—Dayton, Lima and Toledo regions: order taking begins and Me2 opens for business.
Oct. 22—Cincinnati region: order taking begins and Me2 opens for business.
Nov. 4—Product orders and recognition selections are due in www.trophynutorders.com (TNOS) by the troop manager. Troop manager do not wait until the last minute to enter your girls’ orders and recognitions. You will be shut out of TNOS by 11:59 p.m. on this date.
Nov. 13-16—Fall Product Delivery for troops.
Nov. 17—Dec. 1 Troop manager distributes product to the girls/parents/guardians. Sort all products prior to distribution to ensure the girls’ orders are correct. Always get a signed receipt when products are picked up.
  • Girls distribute product and collect payment. All checks made out to GSWO.
  • Girls turn in payment to the troop manager. Always provide a receipt when money exchanges hands.
  • Troop manager collects funds, deposits troop proceeds into troop account and council payment into council account. You will receive council deposit tickets during delivery.
Dec. 2—The following needs to be completed by the troop manager:
  • Finalize your troop proceeds payment into your troop account. Keep your receipts.
  • Finalize your troop’s payment to council into the council account. Keep your receipts.
  • Complete the final report envelope and give to your service unit fall coordinator.
    Recognitions will ship to your service unit fall coordinator the first week of December.  They will notify the troop manager when they are ready for pick up.