Dayton  & Cincinnati Deliveries
Dayton & Cincinnati Deliveries Below is a list of every troop scheduled for the Dayton and Cincinnati fall sale deliveries. The lists are in troop numerical order. Please remember to arrive to your delivery site on time and be prepared to get out of your vehicle and count your products. Be sure that there is enough room in your vehicle for all of your product. You can print your own delivery ticket from the trophy nut ordering system (TNOS) to show how many cases and loose products you will be picking up.
 2014 Cincinnati Delivery Schedule
2014 Dayton Delivery Schedule.
Delivery Tips
  • Please be on time to pick up fall sale items from your chosen/assigned delivery site/time.  Arriving early or late disrupts the flow and pushes everyone else off schedule.
  • Count the items as they are loaded into your vehicle and sign the receipt.  (You will be responsible for the items you sign for.)
  • Take items home and separate each girls order before allowing for pickup.  Do not allow parents to pick up products until you have each order separated correctly. 
  • Call parents to pick up their daughter’s order.  (If a girl has parents in separate households, she should have two permission slips—one from each parent—and each parent should sign for his/her product sold.)
  • After parents count out their order, complete a receipt and have it signed.  Give a copy to the parent and keep a copy for the troop’s records.  Parents are financially responsible for the items they pick up and your signed receipt is proof of pick up.
  • Remind parents of the deadline to have all money turned in.