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  • Please be on time to pick up your cookies from your chosen/assigned delivery site/time.  Arriving early or late disrupts the flow and pushes everyone else off schedule.
  • Count the cases as they are loaded into your vehicle and sign the receipt.  (You will be responsible for the items you sign for.)
  • Take items home and separate each girl’s order before allowing for pickup. Do not allow parents to pick up cookies until you have each order separated correctly.  
  • Call parents to pick up their daughter’s order. (If a girl has parents in separate households, she should have two permission slips (one from each parent) and each parent should sign for his/her product sold.
  • After parents count out their order, complete a receipt and have it signed. Give a copy to the parent and keep a copy for the troop’s records. Parents are financially responsible for the items they pick up and the signed receipt is proof of pick up.
  • Remind parents of the deadline to have all money turned in.